About Us

One of the founders of ToysIdol, graduated from the top 10 university in the world - Imperial College London, has reviewed to her childhood, and she found out that there were no such decent toys she could make fun with, except several Barbie dolls and stuffed dolls. The reason of causing this happened is lack of children education in her parents, hence, inventing toys that improve the development of children’ intelligence becomes the biggest goal to her in the life time. Therefore, in her vision and mission, she wishes there are scientific and educational toys accompanying in every step of children’ growth. This is why the brand ToysIdol is found, and she and her team pays attention to create a beautiful childhood for children all around the world, and also focuses on offering choices to the parents who wonder what toys inspire creativity, invention and imagination, and improve the development of intelligence and manipulative ability to different age groups of children.

ToysIdol not only understands the needs of children, but also fully considers the demands of parents. It is committed to developing educational toys that are relatively safe for children to play alone. Such as some innovative board game toys that children can operate independently while parents can also join them at any time, which liberates parents and fully exercises children's independence.



ToysIdol is not only for sales, but also to create the future.

ToysIdol is not only for sales, but also to create the future. It has the potential to foster creative thinking for the next generation. From its establishment to its entry into Tiktok, the R&D team has selected the toys that best meet the developmental needs of children for parents in different regions by summarizing thousands of research reports on toy needs around the world. The concept of ToysIdol is to let children enjoy the same childhood toy experience as their parents.

The demand for toys is growing rapidly as parents expect their children to become more innovative in the competitive world of the future. This is what ToysIdol has been doing.Trust us, join us, we know better than you what toys your child needs!